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A promotional page for the
Got 2 B Cloggin clog dance club
in Vernon, West Kelowna,
& Peachland,
British Columbia, Canada.


 3 Got 2 B Cloggin Dancers
Got 2 B Cloggin Dancers.
Caller/instructor on the right.
new clog dancer
sessions in Vernon!

Plan to make your life
sparkle in 2020!
Come have loads of fun

learning to clog dance
6 pm Mondays at the
 Halina Activity Centre,
3310 37th Avenue
in Vernon.
The final opportunity
to get started
is February 10 for an
economical door admission
of only $10/person.
Just drop in.
The fun will continue weekly
Monday evenings at 6:00.
 Wear comfortable casual
attire and flat shoes
with a firm back.
Bring drinking water.
Clog dancing is a
low impact, rhythmic
dance done to live cues
and a wide variety
of great music.
A fun dance style!
A very social activity.
Great for singles.
No partner needed.
Can be an ideal shared
activity for couples.
All ages welcome including
children if chaperoned.
Economical fees.
Patient instruction.
Travel opportunities!
Call 250-718-3088
Click for e-mail

 Other classes in Vernon
for the more
advanced dancers
generally follow new dancer
sessions on the 
same night:
Our easy level cloggers
dance from 7 to 8 pm.
The intermediate group
dances from 8 to 9 pm.
See videos under
"Quick Links" below
or for a direct link

For more information:

Certified Clogging Instructor Logo

Teacher: Lynda Colautti,
Certified Clogging Instructor.
Got 2 B Cloggin dance club.
250-718-3088, E-MAIL


Quick Links...

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Vernon Newspaper article/photo - Dec. 2016

Okanagan Sunday article/photos - Mar. 2016

About the Club--Fees
Clogging definition--Our venues

Attire, shoes & how you learn

Interested? Locations to come watch

For more information, contact...

Questions - including video links



Intro to Clog Dancing

featured in the Morning Star

newspaper, Vernon!


We thank the Morning Star

newspaper of Vernon

for an advance article about

our Intro to Clog Dancing

in the city that took place

back in 2016 on Sun. Dec. 18.

They published the details in

their Fri. Dec. 16

issue under the headline

"Rhythmic Tapping will

Soon Echo in Vernon."

We had over 15 new dancers

attend to try clogging!




Circle of Clog Dancers - Alternate-Facing

Intro to Clog Dancing event of March 12, 2016
West Kelowna

Many saw us in the

Okanagan Sunday newspaper

back in March of 2016!


We thank the Daily Courier's

Okanagan Sunday publication

for a great photo spread on

page A-3 of their Sunday

March 13, 2016 edition!


It profiled the previous day's

"Intro to Clog Dancing" event

that was held in West Kelowna.

See the fun that we had in

13 pictures found in the

newspaper's "Photo Gallery" 

at the following link:

Fun Learning to Clog Dance

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We teach and enjoy

the contemporary, precision style

of modern clogging.

It's a true North American folk dance!

All ages can learn to clog.

No previous experience necessary.

Dancers bring their own drinking water.

Our regular dance season

fee is a very reasonable

$10 per lesson.


Cloggers Practising in Lines

Clogging Definition:

A percussive, high energy dance

usually performed in shoes

with double taps to live cues

and a wide variety of music.

Wonderfully rhythmic & great fun!


The club offers beginner,

intermediate and advanced levels

of clogging at various venues

in the Okanagan Valley

For reference, here's how

our programs looked

in recent years:




Monday sessions

Beginners - 6:00 pm

Easy level dancers - 7:00 pm

Intermediate dancers - 8:00 pm


Halina Centre, 3310 37th Ave.


 West Kelowna

Saturdays in West Kelowna

we conduct sessions for

cloggers accomplished at the

"intermediate plus" level,

9:30 to 11:00 am.


Westside Senior

Citizens Activity Centre,

3661 Old Okanagan Highway.

Drop in and watch the fun!



In April, 2016, we began

new clogger sessions

Wednesdays at 6 pm in the

Peachland 50 Plus Activity Centre.


Those dancers have graduated to

the next "easy intermediate" level.

"Advanced" dancers follow them

at 7 pm.

Drop in and watch the fun!


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Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Your shoes must have backs--

no slides, crocs, etc.


White Clogging Shoes With Stainless Steel Taps

The dancers wear double (or jingle)

stainless steel taps on their shoes

but only after completing their

new dancer sessions.



Once upon a time,

cloggers wore wooden shoes.


When you're ready to slip into shoes

with double taps, we have a selection

of taps that glue to your shoe.

Alternatively, you can order new

from Susan Woods of

Rocky Mountain

Clogging Supply, based in Moyie,

just south of Cranbrook, B.C.

Shoes can be purchased with

or without the taps.

Web links:

Clogging shoes & accessories

Ordering information


When new dancer sessions are underway,

we start you off by teaching the

beginner level in a 10 to 12 week program.

After that, you advance to a level of your choice.

It's a progressive dance form where you advance

as your abilities and comfort level increase.

Go all the way to the challenge level

if you've got the energy!

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If you're interested in learning to clog,

pop into one of our active venues

& watch for awhile:


West Kelowna--Saturday mornings

Westside Senior

Citizens Activity Centre,

3661 Old Okanagan Highway.

9:30 to 11:00 am -

"Intermediate Plus" level.


Peachland--Wednesday evenings

50 Plus Activity Centre,

5672 Beach Avenue.

6:00 - Easy Intermediate Clogging

7:00 - Advanced Clogging


Vernon--Monday evenings

Halina Centre,

3310 37th Avenue, Vernon

6:00 - New clog dancer lessons

7:00 - Easy level Clogging

8:00 - Intermediate Clogging

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For more information about the sessions,



Lynda Colautti, CCI 

Kelowna, BC

Instructor/Club Leader/Clogging Caller

Mobile: 250-718-3088


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Select by clicking on an index topic:

What exactly is taught as you start clogging?

What benefits are there in clogging?

Describe the various styles of clogging

Just how social is clogging as an activity?

To exactly what levels can a dancer advance?

Are there videos to see cloggers in action?

About the Instructor/Club Leader/Clogging Caller

Contact Information

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What exactly is taught as you start clogging?

As a newcomer, you'll learn the rhythm of the dance,

double toes and all of the beginner steps. There will

be lots of review and practice to facilitate proper

execution and reduce frustration.

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What benefits are there in clogging?

As well as having a lot of fun learning and a social

time out, there are many health benefits to derive

from clogging. Many students say they have lost a

few pounds & improved their cardio-vascular system.

They develop a better overall sense of well-being.

Clogging helps to keep you physically and mentally fit.

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Got 2 B Cloggin Dancers
in Action


Describe the various styles of clogging

Clogging is done in a variety of styles but most cloggers

dance in the contemporary precision style. They do gain

knowledge, though, of performing the traditional,

freestyle, flatfoot or buck styles.

The following describes each style:


Contemporary Precision

Performed in unison to choreographed dance routines



Performed in figures, similar to square dancing



Wide open--the dancers perform their own

choice of steps



The dancers keep their feet close to the floor

and shuffle their steps



The dancers add extra toe and heel

taps to each step


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Just how social is clogging as an activity?

Clogging is very social. You get to spend time

every week dancing with your new friends.

Sometimes there's a special "party night."

Also, a number of times during the year, other

clogging groups in other cities will hold a workshop.

If you participate in one of those, you'll

meet lots of other cloggers from all over the

continent and enjoy dancing with them.

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To exactly what levels can a clog dancer advance?

Following the Beginner level of instruction, you

can progress next to Easy Intermediate. There,

new steps are introduced and a larger variety

of music is enjoyed. A greater emphasis

is put upon learning to turn and

move the steps in different directions.


Then you can move on to Intermediate--

the most comfortable level for most dancers.

You learn many more new steps, some of which

are of increasing difficulty. It is at this level

that you learn the different clogging styles.


Advanced introduces more intricate steps

including how to make four distinct sounds

to one beat of music.


The Challenge level in clogging is generally

taught at workshops and the steps there are...


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Are there videos to see cloggers in action?

Yes, YouTube has many videos showing clogging.

Got 2 B Cloggin teacher, Lynda Colautti,

says that her favourite instructor is Eric Bice.

In the following video, he's seen on stage at a

2013 Texas clogging rally, dancing

solo without music:

Eric Bice clogging demo video


Here are links to videos of clogging

exhibition groups that show just

how entertaining clogging can be:


"Rhythm N Motion" clogging group
at the Fontana Clogging Jamboree,
Fontana Village, North Carolina, USA,
performing a traditional clogging line dance



"Rhythm N Motion" clogging group entertaining
at the 2010 Galax Fiddlers Convention


  Clog America, USA
Performing in Lublin, Poland
at the 27th Int. Folklore Meeting, 2012

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Lynda Colautti - Clog Dance Instructor

Lynda Colautti, CCI
Clogging Instructor

About the Instructor/Club Leader/Clogging Caller

Lynda Colautti has clogging in her blood.

Through careful study and practice, she

has attained the status of

Certified Clogging Instructor (CCI).


She started clogging in the early 1990's

in Victoria under the tutelage of the

talented clog dance leader, Susan Woods.

She began to assist Susan teaching dancers

at Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island.

When Susan moved away from the area,

Lynda took over the class despite only having

about 6 months of clogging activity.

Gaining further experience in both B.C.

and Ontario, in 2011 she wrote exams in

clog dance teaching, doing the practical

portion in the state of Texas.

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Contact Information:

Lynda Colautti, CCI

Kelowna, BC

Instructor/Club Leader/Clogging Caller

Cell: 250-718-3088


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